Stop building stuff that nobody wants

 It's quite funny how much time I have spent implementing ideas that would never work out. Product or service ideas I was sure would become a success, if I only built it. Thousands lines of code has been written during hundreds evenings/nights in parallel to my education and employments. However, almost every time the built service/product was never picked up as I thought it would. Now why is that really? Obviously I'm completely off in terms of predicting what customers want, but is there something else to it?

How could I miss out on focusing on the right thing during all these years?

It wasn't until I read The Lean Startup by Eric Ries that I understood I could approach ideas differently and more efficiently. The Lean Startup is all about validating your idea as time and cost efficiently as possible. I won't go deep into this subject, but a google search will get you covered.

As a developer this way of approaching new ideas is very liberating. From now on I'm trying to avoid implementing things that first isn't validated. Instead of building something that might work, I now instead aim to build things that probably will work. That's a very energizing way to work and live, and it frees up a lot of my time which I now can spend on validating more ideas instead of implementing just a few of them.

I think there are developers who wouldn't care about this. These are the kind of developers who write code just to get something to work, and doesn't really care of the big picture, i.e. the complete service/product, market etc. Personally I don't want to write code just for the codings sake, I want to create products and services that gets picked up by millions of users worldwide.

Let's stop wasting your life building stuff that nobody need or wants. If you still know that you're doing this, please rethink your current approach. There's a better one. You'll save a lot of time and money.

I'm still quite new to this but if you want my help in validating some of your ideas, feel free to get in touch with me. Who knows, it might even end up in the hands of millions of users ;)