An unknown but exciting future

I’m now starting this blog since I think it’s about time to start telling my story. I have been thinking about starting this blog for a long time now but for some reason I haven’t taken the time to actually sit down and get my thoughts down in words. It’s now time for a change.

This blog will mainly be focusing on my professional life, which means I'll be writing about software development, startup life, freelancing, funding/investments, incubators, UX/UI design etc etc.

For you who don’t know me I’m Daniel Grahn. I’m a software developer with 7 yrs experience from developing different kind of software. Since I finalised my CS master studies I have been working closely together with designers and other developers at TAT and ustwo (Malmö).

Currently I am putting a lot of effort into my startup &peace ( which me and a friend of mine recently co-founded. I also recently started working as a freelance developer. Working in my startup and as a freelance developer is both a new reality and an exciting adventure to me. I’m sure it will be an awesome ride, and I will definitely learn a lot.

Make sure to follow this blog if you want to follow me on a journey into an unknown but exciting future. Stay tuned! :)