Quench - Your hydration coach

It's time for an update on one of the client projects I've been working on recently.

In middle of November last year Stephen Fritzdorf, a sport physiologist who was with the Danish Olympic team (London 2012), got in touch with me with an interesting project brief.

In the Olympic team Stephens job was to fight for gold for Denmark by taking physiological and other scientific measurements. Stephen is currently running his own business, FritzdorfSport, and he's also lecturing at Lund University in the field of Sports Science.

Stephen approached me with a very interesting project brief. He wanted to create a "hydration coach" app which would help people to hydrate properly, to get the most out of their workouts and to recover fast. He already had the formulas in place, but he needed help developing it into an easy to use iPhone app.

I first introduced Stephen to "the lean startup" methodologies, and it resonated with him from day one. During the first month or so Stephen was, together with my help, mainly working on formulating his business model canvas, defining the initial hypothesis, scoping the first MVP (minimum viable product) and talking to potential users. This way Stephen made sure he invested his resources wisely, where the main focus always has been to reach validated learning early on.

When stephen had a clear picture of the functionality requirements for his first iPhone app I quickly sketched it out as some basic wireframes (with just pen and paper) to make sure we were on the same page in terms of initial interaction. The wireframe was bounced back and forth between us a few times before we settled on a first interaction to aim for.

I then built a first iPhone app prototype based on those wireframes. We focused on functionality before look and feel. The first working prototype had all functionality in place, but without a custom interface (only using native UI components). This quick prototyping enabled Stephen to start testing the app before deciding what to focus on next. When Stephen was happy of how it was functioning we started to focus on the apps look and feel.

The app is now available on the AppStore! You now can do on your iPhone what was only previously available to Olympic athletes or by private consultation.

Make sure to download and try it out!

Stephens plan is to continue the development of the Quench ios app, but also other related apps and services. He would be very grateful if you want to help him out shaping his apps. Feel free to use the feedback link within the Quench ios app to send him some valuable feedback.

It has been very fun to develop the Quench iPhone app from initial idea to product together with Stephen, and I'm really looking forward to continue the collaboration in future development projects.