This year so far

It's quite funny how life goes. Time flies and things happen faster than you ever could imagine. A lot have happened the last couple of months for me, and I thought I could share what I've been up to. During the spring I've been working on some really fun and challenging client projects, but it was one personal event that really stood out from the rest.

During the spring I've mainly been working with Rails development in a couple of very large and complex client projects. The biggest of those Rails project is counting in at ~36.000 rows of Ruby code, compared to ~16.000 rows which is the size of the business system I've previously developed for another client. A lot of code to digest and understand, and last but not least, a lot of time and effort spent trying to understand all ins and outs of the domain model that's hiding beneath all those lines of code.

I've also helped Fritzdorf Sport push out an update of their Quench iOS app. In this update the app got some really neat internationalisation improvements. It now has support for both the Imperial and Metric system (when entering weight data) and it also got support for several new languages.

In parallel with my freelance work I've (together with some other talented developers and designers) been putting in a lot of blood, sweat, passion and tears in a new own-ip project of ours. We're really excited about this project. It's still in stealth mode, but I promise you'll hear more about it in a near future. One thing I already can say is that it hopefully will make you enjoy your life even more in the future ;) Stay tuned!

As if all of this aren't enough, there's this one other thing that really stood out from all the other awesome things that have happened this year so far. In May this year I became a dad! :) It's impossible to describe in words how proud and happy I am for this, so I better not try either.

Today I'm really looking forward to see what the rest of this year has to bring. It better be good!

Time flies and your life is very precious. Make sure you enjoy every second of it!