The adventure continues

I've been helping some Malmö startups with their web development lately. It's been an awesome ride, and I thought it's time for a quick update.

I rounded off last year helping Stephen Fritzdorf and his startup DrQuench to prototype a new take on their hydration strategy service. I've previously built the first version of their iOS app, and now it was time for a minor pivot in pursuit of product/market fit. We created a web prototype of a hydration service aimed specifically for races in Sweden (marathons, half marathons etc) which helps each runner to create a personalised hydration plan prior to a race. The service was built using Rails for the backend and HTML/less/js for the frontend.

Since the beginning of this year I've been helping another Malmö startup, HittaHem ( HittaHem is a later stage and fast paced startup within the Swedish housing market. They have Bonnier as an investor and they've already managed to become an important player within their industy. For HittaHem I'm building a mobile web frontend (single page web app) to improve their mobile web presence, mainly using HTML/less/Knockout.js.

HittaHem is situated at Djäkne Kaffebar in Malmö ( Djäkne Kaffebar is a great place to be for any freelancer, startup or entrepreneur. Having a barista making your coffee every day, any time, is almost too good to be true!