Forward Labs
Forward Labs is doing digital product and service development. We're a lean and motivated cross-functional team with high ambitions. At Forward Labs I'm doing business and software development.

Today we're currently focusing our efforts on a project that hopefully will enable people to enjoy their life even more. This project is currently under development and will be announced as soon as it's publicly available.

Up until dec 2013 we were developing a service called &peace. With &peace we wanted to re-imagine charity by providing an effortless way to support charities/causes.

The service consisted of an embeddable button (and chrome extension) which automatically found a charity supporting a cause related to any online article. The user supported a charity/cause by consuming advertisements, instead of paying his/her own money. This way the user was able to support a cause with little time and no money.

Unfortunately the &peace service didn't get the traction we were hoping it would get. Therefore the &peace project is currently on hold for now.

myBlingo - Blingo's business system

Blingo designs, produces and sells organic kids clothes throughout Scandinavia. I have developed a tailored and streamlined business system for Blingo’s business which enables them to make their production and order flows as efficient as possible. The business system is built using Ruby on Rails.

Rando backend - - Introducing rando

Rando is an experimental photo exchange platform where a photo is sent anonymously to somebody completely random. Rando was developed by ustwo.

During my time at ustwo I was part of developing and maintaining the Rando backend service which powers all mobile clients (iOS, Andriod and WP). The Rando backend is built using Ruby on Rails and it has handled millions of photo uploads.

Rando is nominated to the IxDA Public Choice Award.

TAT Home - video
TAT Home was developed by TAT before being acquired by Blackberry (RIM). TAT Home was a gesture-powered 3D home screen for Android devices. I was part of the TAT Home development team.